Amy Bush

I grew up in northeast Ohio. Moved here to Columbus, Ohio in 1990 to attend Barber college after becoming a licensed cosmetologist. While I was attending Barber college 40 hours a week, I also worked around 30 hours a week in a salon. That’s 70 hours a week learning my craft and gaining skills! At the age of 18 years! 

Since I worked around town at a few salons learning a bit about who I was but I was really having a hard time finding myself. My time had come to an end at a salon I was with for 11 years. This was 2008. During that time the natural hair movement was really starting to gain some momentum. So in my transition, I decided to reevaluate my goals and what discovered was in my reduced client list a high majority were natural curl focused! This is when I really saw what the future was bringing! With in 6 months I had reached full momentum and was continuing to grow. This was not a trend but a lifestyle. There were no salons dedicated exclusively for naturally textured curly hair! 

One day, a friend mentioned to me I should open a salon and call it Ambushed. At that moment I was obsessed! It was my name! It was at that moment the vision was so clear. To provide a space where the naturally curly community could embrace their curls and texture. I opened the doors to Ambushed salon in 2010. Vision still going strong 2018!