Tina De Broux

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Tina De Broux became passionate about essential oils and natural skincare in the mid-90s after taking a natural soapmaking class. She went on to apprentice under a certified aromatherapist for the next ten years, learning the ins and outs of aromatherapy and how to utilize plant-based ingredients. 

She went on to earn a degree in Film Studies and left Ohio to work at art museums in Portland, Oregon and New York City. After returning to Columbus and becoming a mother, she decided to return to her love of blending essential oils and created Under Aurora in 2014.  

In addition to using natural products on her skin, Tina eats an all plant-based diet and loves learning about how herbs and essential oils can be used to promote health and well being. She enjoys being part of a supportive community of makers in Columbus and considers herself an intersectional feminist. Some of her favorite things to do include listening to records, watching films, gardening and hanging out with her partner and daughter.