Vanessa Renae

I'm Vanessa, born in Florida but have lived in Ohio since 1st grade, so I'm pretty much an Ohio native. I went to Miami University where I had a lot of ups and downs when it came to what I wanted to major in. Somehow things fell into place my junior year and I found and completed a major that I really enjoyed. I use that major of Scientific and Technical Writing for my full time job as a User Experience Specialist at a corporation. User Experience is where I love to use my strategic, logical and sometimes creative side of my brain to create the best digital experiences for users. Whether it's an app, website, or internal application, there's always a challenge that you need to solve for - and I love a challenge and solving problems with other brilliant people.

In regards to fashion and style, I've always had a passion for it. Three years ago I would send snap chats to all of my friends of my cute work outfits and they all said I needed to start a fashion Instagram. I started the Instagram about three years ago and the rest is downhill from there! Over the last year and a half I've started getting a little more serious about my blog. I created a website, started researching ways to reach out to brands and creating business relationships. It's nice because what I do for my day job compliments the nitty gritty aspects of blogging - it's not all pretty pictures and fun events with mini cupcakes.

I love my full-time job, so it's nice to be able to use my blog as an outlet to make extra money to help pay off my student loan. It's nice that I don't depend on it to make rent, but that it lets me feel like my own boss and let's me be creative with what I love.