Megan Sharbaugh

Megan is the owner and founder of Studio 614, a studio space where you can free yourself from everyday stressors & worries, and just create something. Studio 614 strives for an atmosphere that allows safety for vulnerability and expression.

Megan moved to Columbus on September 27th of 2014 with her U-Haul trailer trucking behind her and her 3-legged cat Trinity patiently awaiting this adventure in the passenger seat. She spent her first few weekends in Columbus bar-hopping so she could give her business card to as many young women she could find in hopes of booking her first canvas painting bachelorette parties.

Now in year 3 of her business, Megan has finally implemented free time for new projects, volunteering, and self-care. She’s now mentoring and tutoring survivors of human trafficking here in Columbus as they transition into their first college course. She’s realizing more and more that while she built this business with her own bare hands, it’s just one small piece of her identity, and there’s so much more to life than the hustle itself.

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