Melanie Guzzo

Melanie Guzzo has been in the hair industry as a hairdresser for 16 years. She started behind the chair at 17 and hasn’t stepped away since. Although she considered being an art teacher and earned a degree at The Ohio State University, hair has always been what fueled all of her love and creativity.

Once it became apparent that hair was meant to be the medium of her art, she started to do photoshoots and think outside of the box while pursuing her life as a hairdresser. After working as a cosmetology instructor for two years, she decided to launch her own salon in order to mentor young hairdressers in order to make a difference. Virtue Salon was born in 2010 and started as a tiny space with one hairdresser.

Today Virtue Salon is a force of giving back to the community, building relationships and fostering creativity. The team at Virtue is now full of 26 powerful, creative souls that love to give back to the salon community and create incredible art together all while serving the community in a real way.

Stay Sharp Nation is Virtue Salon’s passion project led by Melanie. Stay Sharp Nation exists for the purpose of providing education and inspiration for the local salon community. Melanie feels like things are just getting started as Virtue Salon enters the ninth year in business.