Meet the creator: Lorrin Higgins

Lorrin started this feminist podcast because she wanted to meet more amazing women in Columbus. After trying to find a feminist group, and attending some events that really left her wanting more, she decided that the best way to meet the cool women in the community was to give them an opportunity to talk about themselves and share their stories. Lorrin believes that every story is worth sharing, every woman is worth hearing, and every single woman she's had on Women of Wonder is an amazing spirit.

When she's not editing, interviewing, or running the social media, you can find her hanging out with her cat, running, sewing, reading, or just laying on her couch like the lazy bones she is deep down. 


Web Gal: Shannon Ball

Shannon jumped on the Women of Wonder train because she still loves Columbus and sharing stories of awesome women. Shannon keeps our website running to help the stories of these women be heard by all using the interwebs.

Her time outside Women of Wonder is spent hiking, traveling, reading, being Lorrin's womance partner (see minisode 2 for more on that!), and making people laugh (or cringe) with her pun game.


Kirby Frank, Marketing Dude

Marketing Dude: Kirby Frank

Kirby heard about the Women of Wonder Podcast through a Columbus networking event and was immediately intrigued. She met with Lorrin shortly after. It was love at first meet. Joining the team meant supporting women doing kick-ass things AND the Columbus community, both of which are passions for her. So, this was basically a no-brainer. 

When Kirby is not scheming new ways to get the podcast blasting into more ears, she is cooking up dope content for Women of Wonder's social channels. And when she is not doing that, she is loving on her basset hound or spending an inordinate amount of time admiring her mug collection.


Andie Cascioli, Audio Witch

Audio Witch: Andie Cascioli

Andie is a Columbus local gal that has been working as a freelance live-sound engineer in your favorite small venues and bars for the last 8 years. Being kind to all is the underlying philosophy of her life and knows women helping women is a powerful thing.

When she’s not mixing, she’s usually spending time being cozy with her kitties and fiancé. She enjoys reading books, sipping tea, and eating pizza. She definitely knows more about the Star Wars universe than you.


And a HUGE thanks to:

Will Higgins for our awesome music!

Will Myers for helping us with our audio setup!